Séminaire présenté par Adaptive Biotechnologies, Patrick Raber, Ph.D.

Heure : 13h à 14h
Lieu : Pavillon R, 5e étage, Salle R05.210
Adresse : 900, rue Saint-Denis


Patrick Raber, PhD
Scientific Liaison
Adaptive Biotechnologies

Learn how researchers around the world are using quantitative assessments of the clonality and diversity of T- and B-cell populations to advance their research. Dr. Raber will share recently published data and case studies illustrating the power of
immunosequencing in numerous research fields. He will illustrate the importance of biascontrolled PCR amplification when sequencing immune receptors, and present the key technologies behind the immunoSEQ Platform.

Maude Boisvert, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Dr. Naglaa Shoukry

Dr. Boisvert will share research examining the dynamics and functionality of the virus-specific memory
CD8 TCR repertoire before, during and after hepatitis C virus (HCV) reinfection. Differences discovered
in the TCR repertoires between cohorts will help inform vaccination strategies aimed at shaping the
protective human T-cell repertoire.

Mélissa Mathieu, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Dr. Simon Turcotte

Dr. Mathieu will discuss how following the immune response is key to understand the mechanisms
leading to cancer recognition and elimination. Using TCR sequencing she tracked T-cell population
diversity and antigen specific T cells across different tissue samples in patients with metastatic
gastrointestinal cancers.

If you’re interested in measuring an immune response at the clonal level or if you’re researching hematologic or lymphoid malignancies, this seminar is for you!

Immunosequencing is driving discoveries in many research areas:
• Infectious disease and vaccines
• Autoimmunity
• Basic Immunology

• Hematology/Oncology
• Transplantation
• Immunotherapy

For additional information please contact: Matt Schofield | mschofield@adaptivebiotech.com

Titre: Accelerating Discovery and Innovation with Immunosequencing